Methodist Chapel

Methodist Chapel, Petrockstowe
Constructed in 1933, the Methodist Chapel in Petrockstowe plays a huge role in village life. Not only is the chapel utilised for Sunday services, but also numerous community events including monthly coffee mornings in the hall, and Afternoon Tea parties on its lawns, as well as art and craft fairs. The chapel is decorated with beautiful seasonal floral displays bringing bursts of light into the space.  

A Brief History…

In 1851, Petrockstowe had three places of worship; the Anglican Church (St. Petroc’s); the Wesleyan Chapel and the Bible Christian Preaching house. Petrockstowe’s first Methodist Chapel, constructed in 1842, is situated in a lane off Brandise Hill; it is now used as a barn.


The Methodist Chapel in Petrockstowe is located between Townland Rise and the old telephone box. Services are held on Sundays at varying times; check the Petrockstowe e-Newsletter for details.