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Meeth Quarry

Nature Reserves, PetrockstoweMeeth Quarry is a brand new nature reserve recently purchased by the Devon Wildlife Trust, and can be accessed by Tarka Trail or road. The vast 370 acre site is spectacular; with the ever-changing landscape offering the chance to see a year-round diverse range of wildlife.

Meeth Quarry is a recovering landscape, with vast areas of open water, wetlands, stone quarry face and woodlands. It incorporates six threatened wildlife habitats, supports 18 species of national importance and will provide a haven for a vast range of bird life, making it an excellent winter wildlife-watching destination for local communities.

Ash Moor

Nature Reserves, PetrockstoweAsh Moor is located on the Tarka Trail between Petrockstowe and Meeth, and is now interlinked with the vast neighbouring reserve, Meeth Quarry. Ash Moor offers a unique opportunity to see a diverse range of insects, butterflies and birds.

A number of new ponds, pools and shallow scrapes have helped to increase the reserve’s list of water invertebrates with dragonflies in great abundance through late spring and summer, hobby are often seen hawking these insects with great agility.

In 2001, Ash Moor was scheduled to be the site of a huge mass burial pit following the foot and mouth epidemic. However, plans were reverted and the site underwent major works throughout the noughties to convert it into a nature reserve. The conversion was completed at the beginning of 2012; the site is now a haven for all manner of invertebrates and birds.

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The Devon Wildlife Trust is an independent charity and operates both Ash Moor and Meeth Quarry.

Nature Reserve Panoramas

Ash Moor Panorama