Neighbourhood Watch

neighbourhood watch, petrockstoweThe Neighbourhood Watch scheme- NHW- is authorised, and overseen, by the local Constabulary, in our case Devon and Cornwall Police. In Petrockstowe it is run by an Area co-ordinator and four co-ordinators who are, in effect, a liaison between the Police and the inhabitants of the Parish.

Petrockstowe dwellers are invited to become members, at no cost to themselves, by signing up and either providing e-mail addresses, telephone numbers or postal addresses. Information about scams, local crimes or suspicious persons is passed via e-mail to the co-ordinators, who in turn send it out to their members.

The Parish is allocated a PCSO and in the last five years Petrockstowe NHW and the Police have worked successfully together for the good of the community, by pooling information and using local knowledge.