St Petroc’s Church

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Located behind the Laurels Inn, St Petroc’s Church is an integral part of village life. It has many stunning features including beautiful stained glass windows, decorated organ pipes, and a dramatic bell tower which can be seen from the main area of the church through large observation windows.

In addition, St Petroc’s Church features many seasonal floral displays, giving splashes of light to this historic building. The high, arched ceilings in the main part of the church are spectacular coupled with the Victorian stained glass windows.

For a list of the Parish register; rectors since 1270 AD; the Parish census; or 19th and 20th century extracts from trade directories, visit our Genealogy page.

 A Brief History…IMG_0203

St Petroc’s Church has been part of the village of Petrockstowe since the 13th Century. Since then, in the 19th Century, extensive restorations were carried out which included the church undergoing a major rebuild and enlargement.

Some of the church’s IMG_0200beautiful windows were gifts from people of the Parish; a prime example is the Bonifant window. St Petroc’s Church didn’t have a clock until 1923, when a local farming family, the Duftys, donated one. In 1933, Lord Clinton gave some land for new burial ground.

The Team Vicar was always accommodated at The Rectory. However, in 1961, when the Reverend Smale passed away, authorities decided that The Rectory was too expensive to run. As a result, a new Rectory was built in the former vegetable garden.

Currently the Torridge Team now consists of the Parishes of Sheepwash, Huish, Merton, Petrockstowe, Peters Marland, Buckland Filleigh,
Shebbear, Langtree, and Newton St. Petrock.


At present, the Team Clergy consists of the Reverends Martin Warren and Susannah Metz; assisted by Church Wardens Ann Luxton and David French.

Services: First Sunday of the month – 11 am Holy Communion
Second Sunday of the Month: 6:30 p.m.  Evening Prayer
Third Sunday of the Month: 11 a.m. A United Family Friendly Service either in the Church or Chapel  – alternate months.
Fourth Sunday of the Month:  6:30 p.m. Holy Communion
On 5th Sundays, there is a Team Service in one of the Team Churches.

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A View from the Church Tower…

Church Panorama