Local Walks

Situated in arguably one of the most beautiful places in England, Petrockstowe offers endless walking opportunities. Below are a collection of sample routes ranging from gentle afternoon strolls to full day rambles.


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Red Route

Begin your walk from Petrockstowe’s historic village centre and head towards North Town Cross Roads. Then, soak up the eclectic mix of architecture as you descend North Town Hill towards the old Petrockstowe Station. Once you arrive at the old station, take the Tarka Trail towards Meeth. Along the mile and a half stretch on this walk you will have the opportunity to enjoy one of the prettiest stretches of the Trail. Subsequently, take a right over the wooden bridge onto America Lane, then take a right on to New Road (beta: this is a private track) and enjoy the delights of the agricultural countryside that surrounds Petrockstowe.

Difficulty: 4/10        Duration: 1 hour, 20 minutes

Blue Route

Take the meandering lane via North Town down to the old Petrockstowe Station before joining the Petrockstowe to Meeth stretch of the Tarka Trail. Here you will have the opportunity to enjoy one of the prettiest stretches of the 180 mile trail. Take the opportunity to explore the vast lakes and moorlands of the Meeth Quarry Nature Reserve. Finally, rejoin the trail and you will end up in the small village of Meeth where you can enjoy a refreshing pint and good food in The Bull & Dragon.

Difficulty: 4/10      Duration: 2 hours

Yellow Route

Follow the ‘Blue Route’ starting at North Town Cross along the Tarka Trail and discover the vast Meeth Quarry Nature Reserve before bearing right onto a public footpath next to the second Milepost you see on your travels. Ramble across open countryside before  taking a right when you reach a country lane. You will soon find yourself in the hamlet of Ash. from here, take a left towards Sheepwash. Stay on the little travelled lane for quite some time, past the Sheepwash turning, until you reach a junction, where you will take a right. Take another right at the following junction. You will now be following one of Devon’s most popular cycle routes which boasts stunning scenery. Before long you will find yourself back at the North Town Cross Roads.

Difficulty: 6/10       Duration: 3- 4 hours

Green Route

Take in some of Petrockstowe’s most dramatic scenery by following the Green Route. Start your journey at the brow of Brandise Hill; admire the steep cultivated fields and ancient forests that stretch as far as the eye can see. Once you have descended the hill take a right onto the public footpath. Once you reach yet another little travelled lane, take a right. You will soon get a further opportunity to follow another footpath off to the right. From here you will cross picturesque agricultural land before ending up in a typical small Devonshire farm where you will follow the footpath back out into the open countryside. After admiring some of Petrockstowe’s stung scenery, you will find yourself taking in those familiar rooftop views as you  once again gaze down Brandise Hill.

Difficulty: 7/10       Duration: 1 hour, 10 minutes

Pink Route

Starting at the same point as the Green Route, the Pink route takes you straight into open countryside via the footpath runnig adjacent to Aish Villa. After descending through ancient woodlands you will reach Hartleigh Barton where you will take a right on the footpath and will soon reach a country lane. Take another right and admire the breathtaking views before following the footpath right in front of the parish sign. Finally, you will reach the top of Cott Lane where you will descend past some of Petrockstowe’s most picture-perfect cob and thatch cottages before you find yourself back in the village centre.

Difficulty: 7/10         Duration: 50 minutes

*All difficulty levels and duration times are shown as a guide; some individuals may find some walks more strenuous and timely than others. Duration times are based on average times; some may wish to spend longer exploring the scenery.

*Map credit: Bing OS Maps